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Hello! I’m Cora, Owner and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Carolina Growth & Wellness.
Do you keep having the same argument over and over again? Are you just looking to enhance your connection and communication skills? Or are you looking to fix a problem before it gets even worse?

I specialize in marriage therapy and seeing couples in any stage of a relationship. I support couples in exploring the underlying reasons they get stuck in negative patterns instead of just focusing on surface issues. Marriage therapy can help you and your partner gain the tools to create the relationship you desire!

When should you seek marriage therapy?

  • Do you ignore your partner just so you don’t have to argue?
  • Name calling and hurting each other’s feelings on purpose
  • Do your conflicts never feel resolved? 
  • Do you disagree on important topics and can’t get on the same page?
  • Do you feel like you’re living with a roommate instead of your soul mate?
  • Has one partner been unfaithful or is considering being unfaithful?
  • Blaming each other
  • Has your conflict turned to combat?
  • Do you ask “Where did our love go?”

Did you know?

Most couples wait 6 years to seek marriage therapy for an ongoing issue. The longer you wait to address a relationship problem, the more difficult it is to solve it. Don’t wait! Click here to call me for a FREE phone or video consultation to see if couples therapy is right for you!

Services for Couples

Pre-marital counseling

Establish couple goals, Identify strength & growth areas, Prepare for marriage

Relationship Tune Up

marriage therapy

For couples who want minor changes in their relationship. Communication issues, wanting a deeper connection, conflict resolution

Marriage Makeover

Marriage therapy

For couples who need deeper change in their relationship. Infidelity, constant arguing, trust issues, falling out of love

Deciding to Divorce

Broken Heart

For couples who are seriously thinking or have already decided to divorce

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