Marriage Makeover

Does your marriage need a total renovation? Are you constantly bickering? Was there an affair but you want to try and save your marriage?

A marraige makeover is for couples looking for a fresh start.

All marriages go through ups and downs. Unfortunately, when couples feel their relationship is in a downward spiral, it can feel impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You begin to feel stuck and hopeless. This leads to disconnection with your spouse and ultimately, a broken bond between the couple.

A marriage makeover means throwing out the old marriage. It’s about beginning a new way of communicating and connecting.

The resentment and unresolved issues that are built up over time can cause heated arguments and even complete withdrawal from each other. When there are deep wounds in a marriage, such as an affair, hurtful words, and years of conflict, it does take hard work and commitment for a couple to get to a place where they can move forward.  But it is possible! I work with couples to peel back the layers and years of hurt in order to:

  1. Repair the wound.
  2. Rebuild the relationship
  3. Heal for the future.

I typically recommend sessions for these issues be scheduled every week for 90 minutes or twice a week for 55 minutes.