Relationship Tune Up

Does your relationship need minor adjustments? Do you want to re-connect with your partner? Do you want to know how to resolve conflicts in a less harsh way?

A Relationship Tune Up is for couples looking to get rid of a problem before it gets worse or for couples who want to deepen their connection.

Couples often get caught in a negative pattern of communication that just seems impossible to break! Couples begin to feel unsafe and the arguing gets worse. I can help you and your partner break that negative cycle and feel close again.

I coach couples how to speak to each other so that one partner listens and the other can get their point across in a meaningful way. By getting to the root of what the conflict is really about, couples can begin to understand each other’s point of view. I believe in empowering each individual and helping you both gain insight into how to be the best partner you can be.

I typically recommend sessions for these issues be scheduled once a week for 55 minutes.